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What to Wear When Trail Riding on an ATV

Posted by Adam H. on Oct 12th 2020

What to Wear When Trail Riding on an ATV

Do you have plans to take your ATV out to enjoy the fun and excitement of trail riding? Before you take off to enjoy yourself, you must make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. While you head down unknown trails and enjoy locations few humans have ever seen, getting dirty and dusty is expected. You want to be sure that you are protected for the ride so you can enjoy every single second of it.

When riding an ATV or UTV, make sure you have on all your protective gear. This is important when making any ride, but it’s especially crucial when taking the four-wheeler onto trails you aren’t familiar with. We’ll walk you through what you should be wearing while trail riding so you can get to the actual ride!

The Most Important Piece of Gear is Your Helmet

Anytime you’re engaging in Powersports, no matter what kind, you need to wear a helmet. This applies every single time you get onto your ATV. While you might realize how many accidents happen due to people not wearing helmets on motorcycles, you may not realize how dangerous not having one is on a four-wheeler. Whether on a bike, motorcycle, or UTV, there’s no reason to forget your helmet since it keeps you safe.

The best helmet for trail riding is one that is specifically designed for motocross and ATVs. These helmets have useful extra features, like a slot for goggles and a more robust chin guard. You can toss on a motorcycle helmet if it’s all you have, but it’s a good idea to invest in a helmet designed for ATVs. Since the helmet is the most crucial piece of gear you can put on, investing in one with high quality is well worth it. Choose one with great reviews that is comfortable to get the best results.

Make Sure to Pull Some Gloves on Over Your Hands

Almost as important as your helmet are a formidable pair of gloves to keep your hands protected on trail rides. You want to choose a pair with a nice grip on the palms. This will ensure you keep your hands in the right area when you’re steering around curves on a trail. It’s also a good idea to choose a pair of gloves with separate finger sections to offer better fine hand movements.

Another thing that you may want to invest in is a pair of gloves that have vented areas on the back so that you stay comfortable and cooled off while you ride. Do you live in a place where the temperatures drop extremely low? If so, insulated gloves can also be beneficial. Handlebar muffs can be an alternative to keep your hands warm when the weather starts cooling down.

Pick Up a Pair of Durable Riding Boots

Now that you have your head and hands covered, we want to move onto your feet. This is another area of the body that you want to keep safe at all costs, so it’s best to choose a pair of boots made for ATV riding. These will have padding on the ankles and calves to keep you comfortable, as well as soles with extra grip to keep you steady on the trail. Since trail riding can mean doing some walking in areas with mud, boots with a small cleat on the sole can also be a good choice.

When you’re checking for boots that will be durable so they last, take a look at the buckles. Many boot manufacturers make this area of the boot weaker, so a boot with strong buckles is likely a good choice. If you ride on an ATV with foot shifters, you may also want to choose a boot with a plastic toe guard on the left boot.

Strap on a Protective Set of Goggles for Your Eyes

All sorts of things can fly up around you when you’re ATV trail riding, from sticks and twigs to dust and rocks. You don’t want them to hit you, especially in sensitive areas, like your eyes. What why you want the best quality goggles you can find to strap over them. UV polarized goggles offer protection from debris flying around you. These also keep out any bright rays of sunlight so that you don’t feel blinded.

Since you’ll be wearing these goggles with your helmet, you want to be sure the two items are comfortable when both are on your head. This is especially important if your trail rides tend to last a long time. The best goggles you can choose will have replaceable, removable lenses since going out on an ATV means that the lenses often get scratched by rocks and dirt.

Other Clothing to Wear While Trail Riding

Trail riding clothing should be apparel that you don’t mind getting dirty but should also be strong enough to handle wear and tear. A long sleeve shirt is a good choice, while a protective vest or jacket can give you security in case you take a spill. Jackets should be comfortable, easy to move in and ventilated to keep you cool. Waterproof riding jackets are a good choice if it’s often rainy in your area.

As far as pants go, you can go with rugged jeans, but trail riding pants have better comfort, more cushioning, and additional room in them. Sitting in a UTV or straddling an ATV while off-roading requires more movement than usual. Make sure your lower half is comfortable while spending miles or hours on the trails. Riding pants typically have separate kneepads or reinforced padding in the same area. This will keep you comfortable and protected, no matter where your journey leads.

Be Safe and Have a Good Time

It might be tempting to head out on the trails on your ATV without worries but having the proper outfit can make the ride more comfortable and ensure your body is protected. Take the tips above to create the perfect outfit for all your outdoor adventures. Most importantly, have fun while you are out there!

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