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  • Accurate reproductions of the OEM sending units
  • Precision calibrated


Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUL Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUL Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low2016
Harley-DavidsonFLHTKL Electra Glide Ultra Limited Low2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHTKL Electra Glide Ultra Limited Low2016
Harley-DavidsonFLTRXS Road Glide Special2015
Harley-DavidsonFLTRXS Road Glide Special2016
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King1999
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2000
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2001
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2002
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2003
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2004
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2005
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2006
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2007
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2008
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2009
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2010
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2011
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2012
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2013
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2014
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHR Road King2016
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic1999
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2000
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2001
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2002
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2003
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2004
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2005
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2006
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2007
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2008
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2009
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2010
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2011
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2012
Harley-DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2013
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic1999
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2000
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2001
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2002
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2003
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2004
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2005
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2006
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2007
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2008
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2009
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2010
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2011
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2012
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2013
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2014
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2016
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUSE CVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic2006
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUSE CVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic2007
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUSE CVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic2008
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUSE CVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic2009
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUSE CVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic2010
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUSE CVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic2011
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUSE CVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic2012
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUSE CVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic2013
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic2009
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic2010
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic2011
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic2012
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic2013
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic2014
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic2016
Harley-DavidsonFLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited2010
Harley-DavidsonFLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited2011
Harley-DavidsonFLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited2012
Harley-DavidsonFLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited2013
Harley-DavidsonFLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited2014
Harley-DavidsonFLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited2016
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2006
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2007
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2008
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2009
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2010
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2011
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2012
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2013
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2014
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHX Street Glide2016
Harley-DavidsonFLHRSE CVO Road King2002
Harley-DavidsonFLHRSE CVO Road King2003
Harley-DavidsonFLHRSE CVO Road King2007
Harley-DavidsonFLHRSE CVO Road King2008
Harley-DavidsonFLHRSE CVO Road King2013
Harley-DavidsonFLHRSE CVO Road King2014
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCSE CVO Electra Glide2004
Harley-DavidsonFLHTCSE CVO Electra Glide2005
Harley-DavidsonFLHXSE CVO Street Glide2010
Harley-DavidsonFLHXSE CVO Street Glide2011
Harley-DavidsonFLHXSE CVO Street Glide2012
Harley-DavidsonFLHXSE CVO Street Glide2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHXSE CVO Street Glide2016
Harley-DavidsonFLTRSE CVO Road Glide2001
Harley-DavidsonFLTRSE CVO Road Glide2009
Harley-DavidsonFLTRUSE CVO Road Glide Ultra2011
Harley-DavidsonFLTRUSE CVO Road Glide Ultra2015
Harley-DavidsonFLTRUSE CVO Road Glide Ultra2016
Harley-DavidsonFLTRXSE CVO Road Glide Custom2013
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic1999
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2000
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2001
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2002
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2003
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2004
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2005
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2006
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2007
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2008
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2009
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2010
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2011
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2012
Harley-DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic2013
Harley-DavidsonFLHRS Road King Custom2004
Harley-DavidsonFLHRS Road King Custom2005
Harley-DavidsonFLHRS Road King Custom2006
Harley-DavidsonFLHRS Road King Custom2007
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide1999
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide2000
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide2001
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide2002
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide2003
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide2004
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide2005
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide2006
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide2007
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide2008
Harley-DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide2009
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide1999
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2000
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2001
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2002
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2003
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2004
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2005
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2006
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2007
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2008
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2009
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2015
Harley-DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2016
Harley-DavidsonFLTRU Road Glide Ultra2011
Harley-DavidsonFLTRU Road Glide Ultra2012
Harley-DavidsonFLTRU Road Glide Ultra2013
Harley-DavidsonFLTRU Road Glide Ultra2016
Harley-DavidsonFLTRX Road Glide Custom2010
Harley-DavidsonFLTRX Road Glide Custom2011
Harley-DavidsonFLTRX Road Glide Custom2012
Harley-DavidsonFLTRX Road Glide Custom2013
Harley-DavidsonFLTRX Road Glide Custom2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHXXX Street Glide Trike2010
Harley-DavidsonFLHXXX Street Glide Trike2011
Harley-DavidsonFLHXS Street Glide Special2014
Harley-DavidsonFLHXS Street Glide Special2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHXS Street Glide Special2016
Harley-DavidsonFLHTKSE CVO Limited2014
Harley-DavidsonFLHTKSE CVO Limited2015
Harley-DavidsonFLHTKSE CVO Limited2016


Most items ship in 1-2 business days excluding weekends and holidays. Our items ship from a vast distribution network around the United States, with warehouses located in most regions to provide the fastest transit times possible. We ship via standard ground to the continental US only and most shipments arrive in 1-5 business days. Orders may ship in seperate packages, and arrive at different times if more than one item was ordered.


***We offer a no re-stocking fee return option for an exchange, or an in store credit only. Original shipping cost is non refundable, and you pay for the shipping of your new item. Exclusions do apply, and your return must meet all the below requirements to qualify for a free return, and Returns will not be accepted if received after 30 days from order shipment. For a refund to your original payment method fees do apply, and are listed below. 

***Electronics can not be returned and are all sales final. If you received a faulty item that is not covered by a manufacturer warranty we will replace it for you. 

***Return requirements: Returns must be received by us within 30 days of order placement. Item's must be brand new, with original packaging in new condition without writing or damage, so make sure you return your item within a second outer shipping box to protect retail packaging if applicable. Items that are used, have been installed, attempted to be installed, test fit, missing components, protective film removed, opened hardware packets, or have any condition voiding the brand new condition, which could also be scratches, dirty finger prints, odor, etc., can not be returned. If the item is received in any condition other than brand new, we will deny accepting the item, and no refund will be given. The item will be returned to you at your expense, so please take care with items you received if you plan to return them. Please remember to consider if you would be happy receiving a "brand new" item in the condition you are returning your item in, and if the answer is no, please don't return it.  

***Fees: Original shipping cost, and return shipping cost is not refundable. If your order qualified for free shipping originally your refund credit will be reduced by our cost of shipping. A restocking fee of $10 or 10% of purchase price will be applied, whichever is greater.

How do I return my order? If your order complies with the above new condition return, you can request a return by emailing us at or by replying to your order confirmation email. Please include your order # from your original order confirmation email, Your name on the order, and the reason for your return when you email us. Returns take 2-4 weeks to process.



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