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1. Can I cancel my order? You can request a cancellation, but if the item has already been picked by our warehouse it cannot be cancelled. Our fulfillment system is automated, so orders are processed very quickly. Once we submit a cancellation request, it is not guaranteed that your order will be cancelled. If your order does not get cancelled you will need to request a RMA# to return your order once received. 


2. Can I return my order? Yes, but exclusions apply. Electronics can not be returned, period. The item must be brand new, with original packaging in usable condition. Original shipping cost, and return shipping cost is not refundable. Items that are used, have been installed, attempted to be installed, test fit, missing components, or have any condition voiding the brand new condition, which could also be scratches, dirty finger prints, etc., can not be returned. If the item is not brand new, we can assess restocking fees up to 100% of the item cost if we cannot sell it, so please take care with items you received if you plan to return them.     


3. How fast will my order arrive? We fulfill orders from strategically placed warehouses across the US to provide fast shipping times to most locations. Most orders arrive in 2-5 business days (some as soon as next business day). In some cases orders can take longer, as we have no control over shipping carriers performance. Transit times are not guaranteed.


4. How can we contact you? You can use the contact forms on our website, or email us at we currently do not support phone service as we have so many daily contacts to serve with limited staff, that we have to be able to multitask, and work multiple emails at once. We typically respond within 24 hours or sooner.  


We appreciate your business, and we hope to support your parts and accessory needs many times over the years.


Thank you for shopping with Hawk Motosport. 



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